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SEMCO INDIA Recognized for our ability to supply an extensive range of world-class metal components, Semco-India offers you engineering extensive solutions to customers product design requirements. Providing a line of high-performance products that leverage current in-depth knowledge on the best available materials, techniques and delivery systems resources. We specialize in alloy forging, steel forging,  forging stainless, carbon steel forging  and custom forging of other forging materials as well as castings in various grades for various industrial engineering needs. Our presence in this area of business has made us realise that "We have to serve well in order to lead". We always place our "valued customers" in the forefront of all our activities, as they are our guiding posts in all our endeavours so that we achieve our goals. We are determined to keep customer satisfaction and goodwill of our business in our assets list.

We accept all small, large and regular orders. We are interested in developing your products as per your specific requirements.

We have in place full fledged quality control systems at our workshops. Our products are accepted by inspection agencies such as Lloyds, SGS, BUREAU VERITAS and other such international agencies.

We can manufacture qualitative forgings at very competitive prices for diverse applications. We undertake vide range of open and close die forgings at our totally integrated manufacturing facilities having its own melting, forging, heat treating & machining capabilities as well as extensive quality assurance labs.
All types of  Stainless Steel Forging, Alloy Steel Forging, Lashing Bar / Lashing rods ,Turnbuckles, Tension Levers, C-Hooks, Elephant Foot, Manual Twist Lock, Bridge fitting, Bridge fitting, Bridge fitting, D-Rings/ Lashing Eyes.
   Company Information
Competitive Edge :   
CNC Machine shop to cater to fully-machined castings.
Fast development of new products with low pattern cost.
Batch production.
Well-qualified engineers for fast customer care.
Specialization :    
Upset forgings, Closed die Forgings both rough and Machined of all types
Container Lashing and Cargo Securing Products.
Valve body of all types.
General engineering castings and forgings
ISO 9001, ISO 14001
Capability :   
200 tones per month.
Machining & Testing Facilities:   
CNC Machine shop for machined castings supply.
Pattern manufacturing through CNC route.
UTM 100 Tons Capacity to test tensile strength, compressive strength, physical test and stress- strain analysis.
Load Testing Fixture 100 Ton Capacity, 5000 mm long
Hardness testers (Brinell and Rockwell hardness tester to know Hardness of Steel)
Metallurgical Microstructure & Testing Laboratory Microscopes for macro & micro structures to perform Metallurgical Inspections to know Grain Size, Inclusion Ratings & Decarburization
Weld Test facilities as per DIN 287
Chemical analysis Lab.
Non destructive testing available with ultra sound testing and dye penetration facilities.
Hardness testing & Magna flux
Heat treatment furnace.
Business Category :   
Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier of Engineering Goods
Year Established :   
Total Employees Range :  100 Approximately
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